Entropy Reduction

Living organisms on earth can be defined as entities  or systems actively seeking to increase the energy available for their use, i.e., reducing entropy in their vicinity.  Plants exploiting solar energy to fix carbon is the basis of most of this energy accumulation.

All entropy reduction is achieved through choosing activities that deliver them more energy or fuel or food than they consume. These choices are limited by available energy flows and energy reserves, and  by the range, resolution, and precision of the organisms abilities to sense, compute and control.

Entropy reduction, for earth's biosphere, is to increase energy availability for all living organisms.. Humans can enhance their own prosperity by engineering the ecosystems around them for greater energy accumulation.


About Us

We are designers, engineers, venture capitalists, and technologists undertaking ventures that improve Energy Returned on Invested (EROI) in the fields of agriculture, education, transportation, and energy production.

Life is only sustainable when its activities produce greater energy returns than the energy they consume, i.e., when the EROI>1. Modern human activity, on the other hand is able to afford EROI<<1 because of fossil fuel use, and is guided largely by heuristics and subject matter experts. Our diet, clothing, housing, or organizational structure are obvious examples. We therefore seek to replace the arguments to authority that guide most human activity with methods that are designed to increase EROI and make human society more sustainable.

We aim to enable progress in all aspects of the human experience viz. from basic biological sustenance, knowledge gathering, education, healthcare, ecological improvement, transportation, and security by providing higher EROI solutions. We can also provide a high impact team for investors or organizations looking to quickly reduce overhead and raise product or service performance